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The Rafaut Group is also, through its subsidiary BD Fixations, a specialist in aerospace fasteners solutions: customised and standard screws obtained by bar turning and / or forging manufacturing process.
The flexibility of our production tools combined with over than 65 years of experience and know-how, guarantee optimum conditions to respond quickly to customer’s needs to get small and medium series.

Structural fasteners: NFL- ASNA – EN

Hot stamping screws, with a very high level of associated mechanical characteristics and quality control: tension verification, shear, resistance to high temperature…

This kind of fasteners are designed to be used in high demanding conditions: engine, pylon, missile

Standard fasteners and bar turning parts: NFL and specific drawings

High precision assembly screws designed for systems with special requirements in terms of assembly precision and materials used

Robotic automation

The particularity of the production tool is a horizontal integration of all peripheral operations to reduce the industrial cycle (heat treatment, micro-macro cutting, etc.) as well as a robotization of specific tasks suited to small and medium series in order to optimize production costs.