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The RAFAUT Group provides a fully qualified internal auxiliary tank solution for certain commercial business jets aircrafts, surveillance aircrafts and helicopters. These tanks (ISOCELL technology or Omega) are installed in the cargo compartments or in the fuselage section of the aircraft.

Based on a patented technology, the (ISOCELL®) technology, our tanks used with an internal rubber section can provide double-walled fuel tanks with an optimized “weight / liter of usable fuel” ratio.


The RAFAUT Group can also design, industrialize and manufacture structural tanks

• These tanks are located outside the pressurized section of the fuselage

• The, generally complex, external shape follows the shape of the airplane

OTHER FLUID TANKS (hydraulic tarpaulins, drinking water, oil tanks)

The RAFAUT group has Welding capacities and know-how to manufacture hydraulic tanks for the braking systems and steering circuits (flaps, governors, etc.) of civil aircraft in particular the equipment we supply for the Airbus A330.