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RAFAUT developed LBF2 training bomb rack, here in its pneumatic version, uses for release energy high pressure air, delivered from a refillable bottle. This version is highly cost effective : pyrotechnical cartridges buying is spared and there is no longer any need to clean carefully ejectors after firings. Moreover, pyrotechnical cartridges suppression lowers safety and storage constraints.

The working of the pneumatic LBF2 is as follow:

  • The main bottle is filled with air at a nominal pressure of 325 bars at 15°C. The removable bottle could be easily filled with the high pressure compressor normally used for the bottle cooling of the MAGIC MBDA Missiles.
  • After installation and connection of the bottle, its manual valve is used on runway to pressurise the primary circuit. A pneumatic regulation unit driven by an electronic computer and equipped with two pressure transducers and two electrovalves, regulates the pressure in the secondary circuit in accordance with the pressure selected by armourer on the front panel of the computer. This regulated pressure is distributed, via a system of hoses, to the four secondary cylinders connected to an ERU.
  • The electrovalve mounted on the TM50 ERU in place of each pyrotechnical cartridge holder unit releases the preset pressure request to eject the load.
  • After fire the regulation device will then immediately repressurise the secondary accumulator, in preparation for the next mission. An inflated bottle at nominal pressure of 325 bars allows releasing 8 to 12 practice bombs (either 2 or 3 missions of 4 practice bombs).

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