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Quality & airworthiness

The main objective of the Company is the complete satisfaction of its Clients. Our field of activity, Aeronautical mechanics, is particularly demanding. All the principles of Airworthiness are needed. It is essential to continually improve, to really understand the current and future needs of customers and to meet their expectations.

Quality is a constant concern, at all stages of all our business processes. The pursuit of excellence is credible only with the commitment, motivation and will of everyone.

It is imperative that we move forward so that we do not regress. The development of individual and collective skills, their expression in an adapted work environment and the taking into account of each person’s aspirations are at the heart of your approach.

The main areas of progress of the Company are:

The Customer satisfaction, by ensuring the delivery of fully compliant products within the contractual deadlines;

The consolidation of our subcontracting chain, in a real spirit of partnership, by stimulating and accompanying it in its progress initiatives; 

The Innovation, allowing to propose new products and to be selected for new markets;The Organic growth reasoned to be able to better respond more globally to the needs of our customers;


The personal and professional development of all, empowering everyone and supporting the initiatives of each team.