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Industry 4.0

Rafaut plant, installed in 2019 on the site of Prouvy Rouvignies near Valenciennes, will be a 4.0 factory.

This plant of the future will be more agile and flexible, less expensive and more respectful of its workers and the environment, thanks to a high level of automation and a digital integration of the entire production chain.

Above all, we want our operators to be at the center of our organization, we have the ambition to value the human by assigning value-added tasks.

4.0 factory Rafaut

The manufacturing processes incorporate a high level of automation and a high level of robotization. Many sensors are present on the machines to collect product and process data in order to have unit product traceability. A thorough traceability, which will know where, when and by whom the product was made.
In addition, there are safety checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a high level of product quality for our customers. The reliability of our equipment will be optimized through controls, permanent checks and networking of our production processes.

Flows within the plant have been optimized and warehouse and line-side stocks will be reduced. We took environmental aspects into account in order to have the most energy-efficient equipment possible, with treated and recycled waste.

Quality, Safety, Environment, Performance
will be the guidelines of the Rafaut factory 4.0