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The Rafaut Group is an aeronautical mechanical equipment supplier Dual [Civil & Military]



Carriage & Release Systems

The RAFAUT Group is specialized in carriage & release systems, The RAFAUT Group runs an in house dedicated design office, which expertise is focused on aero structural equipments that need complex kinematics working in high constraints environments.

A 4.0 Factory

On behalf of french ministry of defense, the RAFAUT Group provides the warheads for the French Forces thanks to a brand new 4.0 factory to design and make them.

Complex assemblies

Rafaut Group has acquired solid expertise in the manufacture of complex assemblies for major aeronautical contractors, with the following achievements in particular: cockpit components (rudder, pilot and co-pilot tablets, etc.), flight controls, wheels and brakes.

External fuel tanks

In addition to the defense tanks below, the Rafaut Group produces tanks for civilians. Click here to access Civil tanks The RAFAUT group has all the capacity to develop external fuel tanks (design, qualification, prototyping and series production). More than 2500 drop tanks have been built over the past 25 years and are used worldwide by Dassault Aircrafts (Mirage 2000, RAFALE, etc.).


The Rafaut Group is also, through its subsidiary BD Fixations, a specialist in aerospace fasteners solutions: customised and standard screws obtained by bar turning and / or forging manufacturing process. The flexibility of our production tools combined with over than 65 years of experience and know-how, guarantee optimum conditions to respond quickly to customer’s needs to get small and medium series.

Wheels and Brakes

Rafaut Group manufactures and assembles wheels and breaking pistons for civil and military aviation. Recent investments in the means of production tools guarantee a high level of performance in terms of quality and competitiveness.
– Munitions customisées grâce à son bureau d’études.

Fire training systems

Secapem, a subsidiary of Rafaut Group, develops and offers a range of air/air, air/ground and surface/air scoring solutions. It provides its partner countries around the world with targets and their associated electronic equipment for real-time scoring.

Load carrying systems

LACE, a subsidiary of Rafaut Group, specializes in the design, manufacture, maintenance and sale of electromechanical equipment and load carrying systems for the aeronautical sectors.

Radar solutions

Lun’tech, a subsidiary of Secapem, develops and manufactures products based on the Luneberg lens principle which finds applications in the production of passive radar reflectors and antennas, as well as active radar reflectors for high-fidelity simulation real targets.

Airborne electronic systems

SECA, a subsidiary of Rafaut Group, develops and manufactures airborne electronic systems and harnesses, and ground test and support means. These tailored equipment are used on civil and military programs, as well as industrial applications.

Distribution and Sealing

Through its subsidiary “Distribution and Sealing”, Rafaut Group offers a global supply chain solution covering the supply of material and components, the management of subcontractors, the quality control, and the storage of more than 5000 components for the aeronautical industry.