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Our values

Today our Group is fully integrated. We work more and more in a collaborative way across teams. We work together carried by the same strategy. To achieve that goal and build our common identity we have define five core values for the company: TRUS, RESPECT, COMMITMENT, LEAD BY EXAMPLE, and RESPONSIBILITY.

Bruno Berthet
CEO Rafaut Group


Our view is that trust is reciprocical. Everyone must be able to trust others, count on their team members, as one must trust oneself, be confident in other team members capabilities. With that objective we are making every effort to facilitate dialogues and mutual understanding without which there is no possibility to trust others in the various tasks we need to accomplish on a daily basis.

In 2019, the Ministry of the Army has shown their confidence in the Group by supporting the construction of our factory in Valenciennes.


Since the beginning Respect has been one of our founding values. Respect of oneself, respect of one’s colleagues, respect of the customer and their requirement, respect of our suppliers and their know-how. But also simply respect of our delivery commitment, of our word, of the hardware and of our work organization. Respect is a value to be shared at any given moment.

One of our key objectives is the transition of our Environment Quality management system – ISO 14001 certified- towards the 2015 version. This demonstrates our commitment to do our part in the major challenge towards respecting our environment.


Everyone in the organization must be fully committed at all levels. This commitment is materialized by applying oneself fully with all the know-how of one’s own discipline. This must be demonstrated by a rigorous execution in the contracts with suppliers and customers. Not meeting contractual commitments would break the trust and damage relationships.

The policy of RAFAUT group in terms of certification is driven by our unwavering commitment to provide products and services of utmost quality and security to our customers.


In our company everyone must be an example for everyone else. Manager or worker, everyone must be motivated by showing the best possible attitude, making the best choices, showing the right way. We of course know that human beings can make mistakes but it must be everyone’s goal to avoid those mistakes in order to make our Group a stellar reference in the market, a model of efficiency and reliability for our customers.

Our ambition is to become soon one of the major actors in the aeronautics industry. Thisis why innovation is our top priority as demonstrated for example by the high level of investments made in automatization, digitalization and construction of our factory of the future 4.0


Whatever our role in the team, we all have goals to meet, action items to work on with our customers, service providers and suppliers. We have an ethical responsibility vis a vis our society and our environment. We can all at all levels act responsibly. All members of our organization need to be fully committed to those goals.

At our plan 4.0 near Valenciennes, numerous measurement test points on our machines allow us to provide unit per unit traceability. We guarantee high levels of security and quality thanks to this very high level of control in our production line. We achieve our quality goals through a high level of excellence.