Logo Rafaut Group

Created in 2004, the « Distribution and Sealing » subsidiary has been entrusted by its main customers with the complete supply management of their sealing products.

Thanks to Supply Chain process digitalization Rafaut Group offers high service solutions (VMI, Kanban, DLF), solutions that meet the highest customer standards in terms of operational and delivery performances.

More than 5000 references are managed in our fully automated stores. Inputs / outputs are triggered by our ERP system according to the periodic forecasts supplied by our customers.

Quality Control
The quality controls (visual, dimensional and mechanical characteristics) are carried out by delegation of control. at each reception and before any shipment. This ensures conformity of the products to the specifications requested by the customers.

Assembly and Kitting
Assembly ranges are designed by Rafaut and approved by our customers. Only Rafaut Group employees, fully trained and qualified, carry out these assembly operations in a dust-controlled room. The delivery of ready-to-assemble sub-assemblies in kit form is also possible.

Rafaut Group offers a full range of services (DLF, Kanban, deliveries to advanced stores) whose objective is to reduce the overall cost of supply.