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Training systems & Radar solutions

Training systems

A subsidiary of the RAFAUT Group, SECAPEM is a world leader in the design and production of scoring systems for live and practice weaponry for armed forces.

SECAPEM have provided targets and associated electronic equipment offering accurate scoring in real time.

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Radar solutions

Subsidiary of Rafaut Group, SECAPEM develops and manufactures products based on the brand Lun’tech Luneberg lens principle – a sphere with progressive variations of permittivity – which has applications across the active and passive radar reflector and antenna market place. SECAPEM has expanded its range with new active radar reflectors of Lun’tech brnad for high fidelity simulation of real targets.

Lun’tech is a major player in the active and passive radar reflectors m

The Lun’tech products meet the needs of both military and civil applications:

  • military target tracking, real target simulation and radar calibration
  • civil satellite communication (multi-beam antennas), signalling of ships, buoys, obstacles, maritime and river markings and assistance to air navigation

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