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Build to print

RAFAUT has acquired a strong expertise in the manufacturing of built-to-print complex assemblies:

  • Rudder pedals or sliding tables for AIRBUS
  • Flight Controls for STELIA
  • Rotor Brakes for AIRBUS HELOCOPTERS, etc.

Thanks to its expertise in system design, RAFAUT can operate at the earliest stages, before the certification, to assist the aircraft maker in:

  • Drawing updates and adjustment proposals,
  • Prototype manufacturing and first mounting,
  • Tests performance and follow-up,
  • Support to EASA process

Moreover, through its Design Office, RAFAUT gives more confidence to the aircraft maker for the production phase.

RAFAUT machinery and skills to produce these products are:

Machining and forging:

  • Milling cnc (3 axis and 4 axis)
  • Turning cnc (two-spindle units)
  • Forge (high dimension cylinder parts)

Metal forming and welding:

  • Stress-forming, Cold forming, Spinning
  • Tig welding (circular and longitudinal)
  • Spot or electric welding

Mechanical and structural Assembly:

  • Assembly of complex kinematics
  • Riveted structural construction
  • Aeronautical special processes (installation of bushes, bearings, etc.)

Electrical Assembly & integration

  • Wiring and rooting of complex harness
  • Integration of electronic components and boxes (weapon calculators, flight control systems)

Final test and delivery to the FAL

  • Final electrical (functional, insulation & continuity, GPS, BUS, …) and mechanical tests
  • Delivery of the plug & fly system directly to the FAL